What we offer

New employees can count on us providing them necessary training, tips and work tools

For employment candidates in the Department of Import - Export we offer:

The initial training - you will get to know the kind of work and the tools used, and those who are just starting their career in the Department of Import- Export allows to learn the import and export services.

Training to improve skills - run by people from the management staff, specialists with many years of experience. The aim of the training is to supplement / improve the vocational qualifications and commercial skills.

Necessary tools - computer, phone, internet access and a place to work - thanks to starting work with us traders are not exposed to additional costs.

Care experienced traders / professionals - who provide new adepts of the workshop.

The opportunity to earn really big money - financial effects are directly proportional to the effort put in to acquire adequate knowledge and commitment to work.

A great working atmosphere - prevail in our healthy relationship, we make sure that everyone feel well in our company.