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for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

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    Natural Poland Sp. z o.o.

    It’s our mission to provide companies with top quality products from all over the globe. We focus on importing raw materials for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

    Our employees working all across the world constantly search for reliable suppliers that offer the finest raw materials and additives at attractive prices. Years of cooperation with international manufacturers enable us to continuously expand the range of our products. Thanks to it, we meet the expectations of our customers.

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    International import, export and product distribution

    We speak Polish, English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Russian and Chinese. We know how to operate in international markets and – as you may guess – cultural or language barriers are not an issue for us. Regions that are inaccessible to others aren’t challenging for us. Some raw materials can be found solely in our range (e.g. wild rose seed oil ideal for cosmetic and food applications or dried lemon myrtle leaves). We are able to arrange delivery from every corner of the world.
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    Raw production materials

    Crushed rosehip

    Raw production materials

    Date honey

    Raw production materials

    Date syrup

    Raw production materials

    Dried arnica flower

    Raw production materials

    Dried blackberry fruit

    Raw production materials

    Dried licorice root

    Raw production materials

    Dried linden blossom

    Raw production materials

    Dried mullein flower

    Raw production materials

    Dried red rose petals

    Raw production materials

    Miód granulowany

    Raw production materials

    Suszony kwiat malwy czarnej


    Cosmetic oils

    Milk thistle oil

    Plant extracts

    Pumpkin seed extract

    Food and cosmetic oils

    Rosehip oil

    Cosmetic raw materials

    Sea buckthorn oil

    Food and cosmetic oils

    Walnut oil