Argan oil

Argan tree (Argania spinosa) is also called the ”tree of life”. It grows only in Morocco on the Sousse plain.

Application and benefits:

  • Health benefits includes fighting inflammation, improving heart health, reducing risk ofmental health problems, improving digestive health, supporting weight loss and fat oxidation, improving cognitive performance and fighting cancer.
  • Consuming Argan as part of a health and balanced diet is an excellent choice.
  • In cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries can be added to creams, shampoos and other products, it firms the skin, regenerates the skin, fighting acne, skin aging, spinose.
  • Argan oil moisturizes hair and scalp, repairs split ends, protects hair from the heat of blow dryers and flat irons, treating hair loss, gives hair a shinier, glowing look.

Data sheet

1 L
10 kg
20 kg