Amaranth oil

An amaranth oil is produced through a cold pressing process on its small and dark brown seeds. The amaranth oil has a soft flavor and has a delicious flavor with a greenish yellow color.

Application and benefits:

  • Amaranth oil is widely used as a flavoring ingredient that is incorporated into soups, casseroles, salads, and omelets.
  • Also amaranth oil can be used in cosmetics, shampoo, medicines, and as aromatic.
  • Amaranth oil treats even those deadliest diseases which are indeed impossible to treat with modern medicine, it has very rare ingredient squalene which is nourishing skin covers and protects against bacteria.
  • Amaranth oil has beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, heals dermatitis and other skin damages, nervous system diseases like migraine, insomnia, treats gynecological diseases, leads to normal hormone balance of women and improving its reproductive capacity; fights obesity and diabetes 2nd stage, prevents inflammation in the internal organs.
  • Amaranth oil also has an incredible effect on skin and hair.

Data sheet

1 L
10 kg
20 kg